Receive Compassionate Care With Children’s Dental Services

At Newcastle Smile Dental Centre, we understand the importance of creating a safe and tranquil environment that puts children at ease. If you’re looking for children’s dental services in Newcastle, ON that are friendly and fun yet focused on kid’s oral health and happiness, our practice could be perfect for you!

What Children’s Dental Services Do We Offer?

Children's dental services is a field of dentistry that focuses on providing dental care to children from their first tooth to adulthood. By fostering a positive attitude towards oral health and hygiene, it’s our goal to empower children to take ownership of their dental care and maintenance through the following services:

  1. Routine Exams and Cleanings: Early detection through routine cleanings, exams, and teeth cleanings is crucial to support long-term oral health for kids.

  2. Flouride Treatments: By providing fluoride solutions to patients early, we can help protect your child's oral health and reduce their risk of developing cavities.

  3. Tooth-Coloured Fillings: This preventative treatment blends seamlessly with the surrounding teeth and repairs decayed or damaged teeth.

  4. Pulp Treatment: This dental solution saves the diseased or decayed tooth performed on children’s teeth to treat nerve and pulp issues.

How Do We Educate Children On Oral Health?

Our practice offers both treatments and educational services to help your child reach their smile. Incorporating an interactive element, our dental hygienists demonstrate a disclosing solution and allow our young patients to replicate the technique. The disclosing solution provides kids with a visual cue (through the pink or purple solution) to focus on what areas of the teeth and gums require better care by brushing and flossing.

Oral health education actively engages the child in their hygiene and can help them continue these practices at home. It also offers advice to parents on how to assist their children with proper brushing and flossing techniques to help them maintain long-lasting, healthy dental habits.

Children’s dental hygiene supports their overall well-being. Our dentist in Newcastle, ON, can help you understand how to teach, support, and address your child's oral health. Call us today!


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