Discreetly Align Your Smile With Clear Aligners

At Newcastle Smile Dental Centre, we understand that a straight smile is important to many of you. And so is attaining that smile discreetly. With clear aligners, your teeth will align gradually into place to correct crowded and misaligned teeth that can help you achieve your secure smile!

Is Anyone A Candidate For Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners can be an excellent choice of dental treatment for patients seeking a straighter smile. They are designed to be transparent, especially for patients who desire a more subtle alternative to braces. Ideal candidates for clear aligners include:

Young Adults With Fully-Developed Teeth: Adults are often optimal candidates since their teeth and jaws have finished growing. Teenagers with all their adult teeth, including their second molars may qualify for aligners.

Patients With Mild To Moderate Orthodontic Troubles: If you are experiencing overcrowding, gaps between the teeth or underbite issues, clear aligners may help resolve these problems.

How Does This Treatment Align The Teeth?

The procedure applies controlled force to gradually shift teeth into a desired position, providing a more aesthetically pleasing option than traditional braces. The treatment begins with a detailed mapping of your teeth, often using digital scans, X-rays, and impressions, and then a treatment plan is developed. Our dentist will provide you with customised aligners based on your tailored plan.

You will wear each set of aligners for approximately one to two weeks before switching to the next set, slowly guiding your teeth to their desired alignment. For the process to be effective, the aligners must be worn for 20 to 22 hours each day and only removed for eating, drinking anything other than water, brushing, and flossing. Regular checkups with our dentist will help us monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

To start your straighter smile journey, contact our Newcastle Smile Dental Centre to book an appointment and learn more!

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  • Straightens teeth securely
  • Removable to allow for easy eating, brushing, and flossing
  • Simple maintenance requirements
  • Prevent overcrowding and overlapping
  • Smile with assurance and esteem!