Preserve The Health and Aesthetic Of Your Smile With Root Canal Treatment

Safeguarding your teeth and gums can help you maintain a healthy smile for many years. Newcastle Smile Dental Centre’s root canal treatment relieves pain and can save teeth by removing teeth pulp to repair and remove the infection. Our dentists will clean and disinfect the area to eliminate bacteria within the root canal which can preserve your brilliant smile!

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

Our root canal procedure in Newcastle, ON begins with our dentists taking X-rays of the teeth and gums to detect the decayed pulp and confirm whether you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment. If that’s the case, the treatment will commence with anesthesia if needed to numb the infected area and allow you to feel at ease throughout the process.

Our dentist will strategically remove and disinfect the pulp chamber and root canals. The tooth will be sealed off with temporary dental filling to prevent bacteria from entering. The final step is for our dentist to place a dental crown on the treated tooth to preserve it and help restore your bite.

How Do You Care For Your Tooth Post-Procedure?

Resting a few minutes after the treatment before leaving our office can help you unwind and feel relief. Following this, you may have two or more appointments after the treatment to allow our dentist to examine your tooth. You can also help your tooth heal by:

  • Not applying pressure to the tooth
  • Brushing after each meal and flossing daily
  • Avoid chewing on the treated tooth and eating hard foods
  • If you smoke, ensure you take a break from smoking post-procedure as smoking can impact healing time

Do you have any additional questions about this restorative dentistry in Newcastle, ON or whether you are a candidate for the root canal procedure? Call our practice for all the answers today!

Contact Newcastle Smile Dental Centre About Root Canal Treatments Today!

  • Achieves ease and relieves discomfort
  • Prevents spread of infection to healthy surrounding teeth
  • Limited post-procedure downtime
  • Combats sensitivity caused by inflammation
  • Protect your beautiful smile with this effective treatment!