Enhance Your Smile With Extractions

A decayed tooth does not have to prevent you from having a healthy smile. Newcastle Smile Dental Centre certainly prioritises keeping your natural teeth; however, an extraction is sometimes the most favourable solution. Regardless of why you want to extract that tooth, if you’re a suitable candidate, our dentist will remove it and help renew your smile!

Why Are Tooth Extractions Critical?

Tooth removal is vital in safeguarding your dental well-being and acts as a protective measure. The aftermath of the procedure can often provide immediate relief from discomfort caused by severe decay, infection, or impacted wisdom teeth.

Removing infected or decayed teeth can create the space needed in the mouth to avoid overcrowding. It can also halt the advancement of symptoms of gum disease and prevent further complications to the teeth. Lastly, extracting an unwanted tooth can help you achieve a fuller, brighter, healthier smile you can be proud of!

What Happens During This Procedure?

Our dentist numbs the affected tooth and the surrounding gum tissue using local anaesthesia. This helps you feel more relaxed and can prevent you from experiencing any soreness. The tooth is loosened and carefully lifted from the socket.  Once the tooth is successfully extracted, the socket is carefully cleaned and disinfected. Then, stitches may be placed inside the socket to allow it to heal.

Advantages Of Extractions

Tooth extraction provides several advantages to your smile! Primarily, this restorative operation diminishes harmful bacteria that can impact your teeth and gums to keep them healthy. By removing the affected tooth or teeth, you are on the path to restoring your gums and teeth for years.

If you believe that a single tooth or a few of your teeth require extraction, call our dentist in Newcastle, ON to schedule an evaluation and start your smile restoration journey today!

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  • Remove impacted wisdom teeth swiftly
  • Prevent future oral health complications
  • Eliminate impacted teeth that can irritate healthy, surrounding teeth
  • Resolve issues with overcrowding
  • Improve overall oral health!